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F1 2019 Windows 10 Logitech G920 Issue


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First post and sorry if this has been posted before.

I have been searching the internet but can't seem to get a solution that works for us. My son has a gaming PC (Dell Alienware, Windows 10) and the Logitech G920 wheel and pedals. We can't get the game to recognise it and have even raised a case with Logitech but they were not very helpful.

I have checke in steam and we are not using the BETA version and we have tried other things like making sure no other controllers are plugged in/connected. But, still no joy.

Will we need custom drivers? I have checked and can see that the G920 is compatible with F1 2019 so don't understand. And my son is pretty upset about it.

Thanks in advance

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Yes you need Logitech drivers on the laptop.

You have two choices. LGS or GHub. GHub is Logitech's official controller driver.

Reportedly they don't co exist well, but I no longer have a Logitech wheel to offer anything more conclusive.

If you search the forum you will see I have given this response before.

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