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Livery unlock query


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Just wondering if anyone had any information about how to unlock certain liveries within the game

I've fully completed all the career mode, including seasons 1-3, and completed every objective except the "5mins on 2 Wheels"

I've levelled up to level 99 3 times, so my driver level has gone from coloured, to bronze, to silver and is now level 01 gold

I've completed all the Xbox achievements except "Around the Globe"

I still have the following locked liveries however:


Heritage 70 and 71

Custom 04

Tuner 04

Urban 30

Prestige 14 and 15


Anyone know how to get these last few? I know one is for doing the 2 wheels objective, and the prestige ones are likely both for levelling up to 99 again

But what about the others?

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