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are there any known issues with Nvidia Optimus based laptops?

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I have a dell XPS 15 (9530) with the WQXGA+ (3200x1800) screen and a GTX 850m.

I'm more than i bit disappointed with the Level of Detail vs Realized framerates that i can get in the game.  despite a powerful processor, fast disk (SSD), 16GB of memory and a solid dedicated graphics adapter, I can only get away with Ultra Low detail settings @ 1280x800 resolution.  even there I can only get ~45-50fps.  but it's bounces around.  With detail on "regular low"  I can't get anything above 42fps.  

Additionally, I cannot the game to run in Fullscreen mode (even with just one display enabled) it makes me think that there might be some other issues at play.  
I've played around with the power management setting and the nvidia preferences to force (globally) the use of the nvidia (vs the integrated) graphics system.

Are there any known issues with either the optimus based systems or the 850m Nvidia chipsets? 

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Hi, do try this:
Check if you have your laptop power mode set to high performance. 
Having the latest drivers from nvidia.
Download them with the gforce experience software.
 Go to nvidia control panel and in the 3d settings you set the laptop to use the high performance graphics. By then you should be able to run the game better.
let me know if this helped.
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