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important corrections (developers)


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First sorry for my English is very bad.

I understand that the game is still under development and may have infinite improvements over time, but I want to make a constructive criticism on the order arrives developers and can keep it in mind to improve the game.

I guess, or at least I hope and wish for the game have departed the primary basis to incorporate cars from different eras and base to do this is that the technology of 1960 is not the same as in 2000, by that I mean a car at the level of suspensions is currently much more evolved and the current drive is not the same as years ago just as today's car does not behave like an older, which is why I think they should improve the physics of the cars with respect to the time when they were made, I think this is a key point for the realization of a good car game regardless of whether you want to get a set of realistic simulation or just one more game oriented arcade style. Anyway I think and I think what we want to offer with this game is something closer to a simulation arcade, but I bought the game cheated.

I also go into aspects that I noticed when driving. mainly the most striking is the response of the address using the G25 seemed faster than driving style, or that was my impression, it is designed to use a gamepad, not a wheel as I see it has a very direct steering regardless of the angles of rotation that engages my wheel. It is also striking that from codemasters we recommend a rotation angle of 270 only when at least 540 minimum that should be the currently used cars as professional rally WRC. ideally a realistic simulation turn where cars like the BMW have a real angle which may be between 720 and 900 to a car like the Fiesta WRC has 540 using, I understand that this aspect is difficult to simulate incorporating each car simulation spin but only if it would be important that at least the direction using a steering wheel not so direct and aggressive as it conveys the feeling as using a rotational angle of 540 gives the feeling that in the first rotation angles car responds too direct and when surpass the 200 seems to do nothing.

The next point I would make is again the physics of the cars but in this case something more generalized for all cars except for cars with rear wheel drive cars other acts similarly to the different surfaces. the very to note is that in sharp turns especially on land cars tend to understeer too, this aspect is logical and normal tendency is to understeer but what is striking even forks when operating the handbrake the car at any time tends oversteer in front wheel drive cars may be acceptable medium simulation that offers the game currently but 4x4s even locking rear differential to the maximum no change is noted, this is another aspect that I think q should improve because although the front-wheel car on slippery surfaces such as land is always the tendency to oversteer under braking on the support it would be logical that the car understeer in these cases unless the braking rate will fall mostly on the rear wheels to prevent precisely this aspect.

Finally everything I could analyze the game left for me to comment on the appearance of the setup of the car and that despite making numerous changes and see that the system of car set are very acceptable especially the advanced options to change many technical parameters for people who know or master can prepare a complete setup I miss an option to the direction and angle of rotation of the wheels it would be nice to include, although as I say that is very complete and it is indebted. the only problem I see is that despite leaving modify many parameters of the car these changes you make are not reflected in the behavior of the car in a striking way but despite making drastic changes in real life would conduct very concrete in the game only affects the behavior of car in a very subtle way such as preventing comment above oversteer car despite the maximum block the rear axle and the center differential working to provide greater strength to this axis.

For now I do not want to extend more aspects to improve from my point of view I hope this post has some impact and get to the game makers that if they think they can improve the gaming aspect to consider, I think a great game Simulation rally could be a new resurgence of this type of game and including as it does online competition, if well organized, would be the perfect game for fans of simulation as already seen in other games though are very old games but very impressed by the amount of fans who still have. Also say that the game has many very positive aspects that a good base simulation and well powered can become play rally of the future as I say but for this we must improve many technical but much to my dismay aspects I believe to stay as another game rally to happen without the stands of the shops.

Greetings and I hope comments :)

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