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Poll: What view do you drive with??

Poll: Driving View  

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  1. 1. Poll: What view do you drive with??

    • Wing
    • Nose
    • Cockpit
    • TV Pod
    • TV Pod Offset
    • Near Chase
    • Far Chase

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Cockpit view but without Halo because in the real world with two eyes (3D view), we delete the redundant information which is the Halo column. You don’t trust me? Put a pen in front of you and look where you want, in a minute or so you avoid the image of the pen. Yep, you know it is there, but don’t disturb you at all. If that HALO column you put in a 2D view (our screen) you can’t avoid that information because it is not in our peripherical view but in our straight one. 

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27 minutes ago, DrDraken said:

74 out of over 10,000... somehow I don't think they're in front of you.  :classic_cool:

Lol there's some quick players out there. But majority of my Weekly Event races I have pole... luckily. I try to make that one count.

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17 hours ago, ragequit1 said:

I turn it off. If the game supported VR, I'd probably leave it on, but in "2D" on a monitor your eye can't naturally simulate to overlook it and just an unnecessary block in the view. I also don't have to worry about virtual debris hurting me 😄

Completely agree. If it was VR I'd leave it on. I really can't wait for F1 games to support VR. That will be the day I buy a VR headset!

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