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Patch V 04.5 - The one with the Force Feedback


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chillyzy said:
bogani said:
I'm not really sure what happened to the WRC 2010 cars. After the FFB update they feel undriveable to me. They are sooo sensitive and twitchy around the center of the steering. I used 540 pre patch as I do now.  
Agree 100%. Not drivable after FFB patch. I don't know how rest of the cars, but Fiesta going sideways by it self on straight lol
I have no problems driving 540 with the Fiesta. Are you using Soft Lock? And did you calibrate the wheel correctly? I.E at the 2nd screen where it says to hold the wheel at 90 degrees did you hold it 90 at 540 and press OK?
Hey! it was my 2nd post here. I wrote in first post, that i have been calibrated wheel few times ;) I've checked everything and did all possible configuration of FFB settings also. Only thing that was helping was turning off  "Self Aligning Torque", but riding without that is not cool ;)

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