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AI being teleported far ahead (GRID 2019 - Xbox)

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I'm currently working on the career mode but with extra long races (x5) and sometimes it can happen that the AI being 2nd is randomly teleported far away in front and just like that, even if I had a pretty decent advance from the pack, I become 2nd..

So, as it's long races, the three times it happened to me on different races from different career events, I'm not able to tell you how it occurred exactly.

All I can tell is, sometimes, I had to use a rewind. So maybe it can happen from that use after a certain time racing the game doesn't always load properly ?

As it's races lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, maybe that's why..

But in the end, when I cross the finish line (and managed before to overtake that very car again anyway) even if the AI finished second, she appears being the last one on the board..

Very strange bug..

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Here is a perfect exemple of what I tried to say (sorry for my bad English btw)

I just did a Time Attack race and in the middle of it, one of the AI opponent record this lap time (see picture 1). In comparison, you can see on the second picture that even the top 1 in the general board is far from that lap time (and I'm top52).

I strongly suspect a collision glitch that made the AI car teleporting far ahead of its original placement on the road..

Nobody encounter such things on their games ? I suppose it's because I'm always playing long races (x5 - usually 15 laps per race) so I have more chances to encounter that glitch..



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