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PC | Limitless Racing League | Season 1 Registrations | Brand New League

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Discord community link: discord:https://discord.gg/czm7ZaG

Hi Racers!

GOOD CASUAL RACERS WELCOME! We want good, clean racing, nothing too serious!

We are looking for new racers to join our league! here are the requirements:

- Races take place every Sunday @1800: (GMT)

- We race with Medium TC, ABS On, Corner Racing Line On.

- 50% races, 18min Qualifying


Please contact either myself (cdm) or my friend (Jackjnc) on discord if you have any questions.


Look forward to seeing some of you in the league, We are a brand new league and we have every spot in each team available. We are also looking for commentators!




Fellow Racer.

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We Also Have a F1 2020 League That Is Open To Applicants!

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