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New FFB - Bug/Problem with G27


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Hello all,
I'm trying to set up my G27 with the new FFB of version 0.450.
I set 900° of rotation in windows, and in logitech profiler.

But as soon as I launch the game it lock it to 540°. I tried setting the rotation in profiler to 200 or anything else, it stills comes back to 540° when launching the game.

On top of that the FFB in the game provides a lot of vibrations but the wheel is really light as if there were no resistance of the tires on the ground.

I installed/reinstalled drivers and profiler for G27, still the same issue.
Any idea? It's totally unplayable for me.

I have no problem setting the wheel rotation in other games (Project CARS for example).

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Ok fixed the 900° problem. I started Project CARS and left. Then started Dirt Rally and I now have the 900° correctly.

But still this feeling that there is no resistance of the tire on the ground. I can turn the wheel with one finger when stopped.
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Ok solved:

- Reinstalled the game (fixed the lock to 540° even though the profiler was set to 900°)
- Discovered that the logitech profiler did not apply the specific settings of the game but the global one. Only difference between the 2 was the "centering spring" not ticked in global setting -> Hence my feeling of no weight of the wheel.
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