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Why hasn't CM issued a manual for GRID (2019)?

There are probably a lot of features that users don't know about and CM aren't telling us about.

A few came to mind car liveries and how to apply to car, what the symbols mean that I keep seeing (exclamation mark on an orange back ground), how do I get better XP as quite often you can get nothing for style, (I think it is - the middle value of points awarded after the race) even though I've won the race convincingly.

Does anyone know?


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I'd like a manual too. I'm such a noob. I noticed that middle value is for "Technique" and you don't get points there if you are playing with the AI at "Very easy" level. 

What I want to know is what do the red, green, and purple arrows mean that pop up in the middle of the screen all the time. And is there any way to turn them off? Sometimes they block my view of a corner up ahead.

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