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F1 2019 Xbox League

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Hey guys, so I've been thinking and i have started my own league on F1 2019. There's no one joined, but there will be, its a proper league, with a zero tolerance policy. We allow anyone, but no toxic racers or people. 

We allow all assists, except both pit assists, forced off. We do a quick One Shot Quali, and we do a 25% race with a normal Points Scoring System, but then we do a 5 lap REVERSE quick race, with a separate point system, and there will be 2 championships, one including these points and one excluding, just for some fun really. 

Need anymore info, contact me on my discord: Abdul#7079 to join, join this discord, will love to see you there https://discord.gg/T9PGcgv

Thank you, 


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