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Change the AI drivers names

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Hello everyone,

I know that I already have asked this question in the "Technical Assistance" area of this forum, but I haven't received substantial answers as of yet despite asking the same question on several social media platforms as well, so once again I have to ask whether it's possible to edit the AI drivers names and if yes, where can I do that? In the career mode and in the Colin McRae Challenge there are plenty more AI drivers, but I run a custom championship. I would like to only edit these AI drivers names.

I really like this game and the fact that you can create your own championship season is absolutely fantastic, but it would be so much nicer to not have these random names, but real names in the results list, especially people like McRae, Grönholm, Burns, Mäkinen, Loeb, Sainz, Kankkunen etc. In a self-made championship you only have a limited list of round about 25 AI drivers (who are the same over the course of a whole season), so for me it would be enough to be able to change these drivers names (plus their nationalities), not all the AIs that appear in the game. I would really appreciate a solution to this problem.

If it isn't possible I would like the game to have this option implemented at some point in the future as it gives the user more options to tinker around the game a bit more.

Thanks in advance.

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Too bad. For me personally that would have been the icing on the cake on an already great game, but okay, I have to accept that. Thank you for your reply anyway.

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