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Ford Sierra Getting Stuck in 1st Gear? - Here's The Fix


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Hi all,

In the 04.1 update we made a subtle change to the Ford Sierra which might means it gets stuck in first gear for you.

There is an easy fix for this, simply go into the car setup screen, select show recommended and then apply those settings. Back out, and then go back in and change your settings back to how you like them.

Hope that helps, just shout if you have any questions.
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It still tops out at 46 km/h and won't auto-shift until the car goes downhill and picks up more speed.

After applying the fix, the ratios are:
1st: 0.7
2nd: 2.7
3rd 4.7
4th: 6.8
5th: 8.8
Final: 4.8

What has worked for me is @FluxCapacitance's suggestion of:
1st: 1.0
2nd: 2.3
3rd: 4.0
4th: 6.5
5th 9.3
Final: 5.7
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