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For dirt rally 3.0, an option to turn off auto resets

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even if it disables leaderboards, I would still use it. If I run wide because I mess up, I want to drive myself back to the track, being reset usually results in an unreasonable time penalty, as well as breaks immersion completely. I've always hated auto resets and I still hate it, least favorite part of the entire game for me.


If I fly off a cliff, let me die in peace, not be reset to the track. If I get lost in the woods, let me stay lost unless I /choose/ to be reset. If I make a mistake and to not wreck my car I have to steer between rocks,  I don't want to then be reset and lose 15 seconds, when I could have driven back on track and only lose 3-4 seconds. 10 seconds can win or lose a rally.

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