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Racenet Rally Club for All Abilities (DM for Discord Link)

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**See most recent post for most recent information**

We are in our 2nd Full Season of our 'Rei Rally Championship'. It is a 7 round season, with a different class being used each round, so all members must adapt to each type of vehicle.

It is a cross-platform league and  additionally, we accept drivers of ALL abilities, as we are far more about helping others and giving tips n tricks, as opposed to outright competition, although a bit of healthy competition doesn't hurt.
We are using some DLC content this season however if you want a rally league without DLC, we may start one if there is sufficient demand for it, so please let us know if that is the case!
For this season, 'Power Stages' are also being introduced as a way of gaining extra points in the final stage of a rally. Meanwhile we are currently also doing casual 'Rei Daily Stages' where we try out a variety of cool combinations and compare our times and give help to others.
We are a friendly community so if this appeals to you, drop me a message so I can link you to our Discord, and then from there you can join our Racenet Club. Happy Rallying!
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Hello all

We have just started Season 3 of our 'Rei Rally Championship' and therefore now is a great time for people to join our healthy community. We are far more about helping other members, and as such, it is a relaxed rally league with some competitive elements, albeit friendly.

For this season, in addition to our Power Stages, we are also including a new 'Junior Class' which will be used as a championship for less experienced drivers, while still taking part against every other player. There will be alternate standings for Junior Class drivers to promote friendly community and more importantly, so others provide tips and tricks to other members.

We use different classes each rally to spice things up and to provide variety. It goes down a hoot in our community

Our Season 3 Calendar is:

Rally 1 - USA (H2 FWD)
Rally 2 - Greece (Group A)
Rally 3 - Spain (Rally GT)
Rally 4 - Monte Carlo (4WD 2000cc)
Rally 5 - Finland (R2)
Rally 6 - Sweden (Group B 4WD)
Rally 7 - Wales (H2 RWD)

If you are interested, please send me a direct message or comment below, so I can send you a link to our Discord Community. From there, you can find our Racenet Clubs for both our Rally League and our own Daily Stages! Happy Rallying

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We are now approaching the half-way mark of the season as we approach events at Monte Carlo and Finland in different classes.

We are still open for new members, fast and slow, experienced or otherwise, to join us. Remember that we do have our Junior Class standings as a way of adding more of a competitive element throughout, while still aiming for everyone to improve and enjoy themselves.

DM me or message below if you wish to take part so I can send you a Discord Link 🙂

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We are starting our 4th Full Season of our Rei Rally Championship! It is a cross-platform club for all abilities, where each week we use a different class of car so members have to adapt to different eras and drivetrains.

We are a friendly and welcoming community, and we certainly aim to help those who may be newer to DiRT Rally 2.0 and help them compete in our Racenet Club and enjoy themselves!

If you are interested in out community and league club, send me a DM or reply below and I can link you to our Discord for our 4th Season!

Our first rally is at Australia, using the NR4 Subaru 🙂

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We are approaching Season 5 of the Rei Rally Championship which is a community where we host weekly Racenet Club events where we use a different class each week, to provide a variety of different experiences for members.
Recently, the winner of Season 4 came down to the final stage of final rally where a gap of 0.1 seconds ultimately decided the victor, meanwhile we continued to have close battles all throughout our community due to our provision and help for all members and their abilities.
Our rally events include a 'Power Stage' with bonus points for the top drivers of that stage, plus a 'Junior Class' with individual standings to promote a love for competition for all members. The majority of our events feature default damage, meanwhile we do not limit users to a camera angle, and we allow all assist levels.
We are a league far more about community than pure pace, as we aim to provide tips and tricks for those who may be newer to DiRT Rally 2.0.
Our Season 5 calendar is below, and if you are interested, please send me a direct message where I can link you to our Discord community. From there, you can ask any questions to our established community as well as find a link to our Racenet Club!
Season 5 Calendar
Rally 1 - Poland (H2 FWD)
Rally 2 - Finland (4WD 2000cc)
Rally 3 - Scotland (NR4 (Mitsubishi ONLY))
Rally 4 - Australia (R5)
Rally 5 - USA (Group B RWD)
Rally 6 - Wales (R2 (Peugeot ONLY))
Rally 7 - Sweden (H2 RWD) - Endurance Special

Comment below or send me a message if you wish to join! See you soon and feel free to ask any questions!
Happy Rallying!

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