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[PC] DRC / Delta Racing Competition | F1 2020 | Season 5 Signups OPENED | EU

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Singup Here >>>> https://forms.gle/dBbC39aaqaWu6D6TA  <<<<<

Discord tag  >>>> https://drc.fyi/discord <<<<



Hello drivers,


We from Delta Racing Competition are looking for drivers. Currently, the league is hosting two different tiers; Split 1 and Split 2, which are skill-based.

Due to hosting two Tiers, drivers from all skill levels are welcome to drive. Drivers can use various assists, but can also choose not to. 


All races from both Splits will be streamed on Twitch.  



DRC is currently in its fourth season, and we would like you to be part of it. When joining the league you will be placed in either Split 1 or Split 2 depending on the overall pace. The race days of both Splits differ.


Split 1

Races in Split 1 are held every Thursday 20:00 CEST


Split 2

Races in Split 2 are held every Wednesday 20:00 CEST 


Allowed Assists: 

- Brake assist: Off

- ABS: On / Off

- Traction control: Medium / Off

- Gearbox: Automatic

- Pit assist: Off

- Racing line: Corners only


Race control:

Obviously we support hard and clean racing, but an incident can always happen. We got an independent steward team for both splits. All stewards are neutral and not an active driver in the concerning split. 



We are currently in our fourth season, but we're looking forward to season 5.

Our fifth season will be driven on the F1 2020 game. Season number five will start early September. We'll be racing the whole 2020 calendar, including all 22 races.




If you want to sign-up, or just take a look around, please join our Discord server. All information about qualifying for the new season will be posted here.




*If anything related to DRC is unclear to you, feel welcome to ask a Recruiter. We are happy to help!




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Vouch, I've driven in this league for the last 2 seasons and it's been an awesome time competing. I recommend everyone who is looking for a competitive league and who has some free time to participate. 👍

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