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Only at HDR-Game F1 2019 (PC): No HDR or No HDR (scRGB). Why?


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i was searching hours for a solution an still nothing found that worked for me.

I tested all suggested adjustments I found:

  • Starting the game once with Windows HDR on and once with HDR off
  • Nvidia Settings at RGB, 444, 422 and 420
  • At DX11
  • At Displays Samsung C32HG70QQU LED with HDR 600 as well as Samsung TV UE-55NU8009 with HDR 1000.

At DX11 I only get the possibility to set HDR off or HDR off (scRGB). With HDR off (scRGB) I can adjust these grey dots for NIT-Setting.

At DX12 HDR is always greyed.

It seems that everybody gets HDR at least with DX11, but not me.

Does anyone solved this problem?

HDR just works fine with every other HDR-Game I play.

My System: Win 10, i7, 16GB RAM, SSD, RTX 2070.

Thank you for your help.

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How do you connect to the screen? The Nvidia support articles say that you need to use HDMI 2.0b or DP 1.4 for RTX2070 for HDR.

They also recommend titles run in fullscreen exclusive mode.

There are reports that HDR is broken in some Nvidia drivers from a quick scan of forum posts (not sure how widely affected and on going).

Also I don't have an HDR screen, so I can't test any suggestions.



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Thanks Stevie, for your answer.

The Samsung desktop monitor is connected via DP 1.4 and the Samsung Tv with HDMI 2.0. 

As HDMI cable I use this 2.0b: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00DC68BBO/ref=pe_3044161_189395811_TE_SCE_dp_1

Like I said, all other HDR-games I play work absolutely fine on both displays.

I also made a reinstall of the nvidia driver. No change. 

All games are played with fullscreen mode.

I really dont understand this...

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