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To my fellow F1 Mobile Racers...

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I’m Brandon from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. I use 3 different usernames, abbreviations, cars, helmets & car numbers on mobile F1. I will list them below so that you can recognize me if you face me in a duel \/

1-Username: LANCESTROLL, Abbreviation: LS, Car: Racing Point, Helmet: Lance Stroll, Car Number: 81

2-Username: MAXVERSTAPPEN, Abbreviation:MV, Car: Red Bull, Helmet: Max Verstappen, Car Number: 32 & 34.


3- Username: EATMYVIPGOLD, Abbreviation: BCH, Helmet: Gold Colour, Car Number: None

***My original username of which I don’t use anymore was Verlappen***

So if you folks ever face me and want to communicate about your experience racing against me, or just to reach out to me in general just use this thread.

I’ve been on F1 Mobile for about 3 months now. At first I was God awful and now I’m in the Elite ranks and one of the best drivers on mobile F1. It just goes to show that practice makes perfect. It took a lot of time and effort to progress from sucking to becoming hard to beat. 

I’d like to bring something up though. If you race against me, please race clean, as I make it my mission to every race. I understand mistakes happen and going at the speeds we go on these tricky F1 tracks, it’s a given, but please do your best to race clean. We’re all trying to win and I get that, but just make sure you do so in a clean manner please. I’m getting sick and tired of all these bums that are insecure about their lack of skills when they face me doing everything they can to ram me into the wall, off the track, spin me out, smash me from behind, cut me off etc...all because they have no confidence in their ability.   Don’t take that out on me, that’s on you bums, it’s something called practice, something I’ve done a lot of. So for you bums that go out of your way to ruine that time and effort I put in to performing well, Shame on you scrubs! I make mistakes too sometimes and Un-intentionally ram, cut off etc... opponents, but at least I admit it and let it be known it’s un-intentional when it does happen, unless it’s a bum who wronged me and i  took revenge. To all of you who race me clean, my hat goes off to you!

Look forward to racing against you folks whether you race clean, or not, just be sure to bring your A game against me, cuz ull need it! Especially the bums that will try their best to take me out for the victory, it doesn’t phase me, cuz even if I lose some of these races I get taken out in, we all know who would’ve won if you raced clean. 

So in conclusion, if you face me, hit me up in this thread, or just to reach out to me in general.

Thanks for reading, see y’all on the track in the duels!













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Thor, thanks for the response and I appreciate your kind words, hopefully I see you out there on the duels again, I’ll keep an eye out for you!

If I do face you and I don’t realise it, please post a message here and let me know and express your thoughts on our race!

Take care for now my brother and stay safe!

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It is refreshing to know that through true Canadian grit, determination, practice, and sheer will power, you have become one of the greatest racers of all time.  I was wondering if you have photos for sale, perhaps one in every configuration, with a clean headshot as well, so I can sit your picture on my nightstand, right next to my bed, in able to help me fall asleep, dream of one day achieving the second best racer, behind you of course, and wake up groggy eyed, to your smiling inspirational face.   Could you maybe, if it’s not too much trouble, I know this is a reach, but please consider, signing one to your favourite fan, me of course?  Of course , I would pay several loonies as well as postage for such an honour.  

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