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F1 2019 Time Trial Bug Report

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I was driving a few time trial laps in Germany when I noticed a bug.

-When I go to the global leaderboard and press the "Find me" button, I get an incorrect gamertag.

-When I drive on the track, my personal bests and the delta are not shown to me.

Platform: Xbox One

Version: 1.22

Game mode: Time Trial

Accesories: Fanatec Clupsport Steering Wheel Formula V2, CSL Elite Whell Base v1.1, Xbox One Controller, Xbox Stereo Headset

Wrong Gamertag: LIeytonDS1768 (global leaderboard)

Correct Gamertag: Machtkarton3524 (leaderboard Friends)

F1® 2019.png

F1® 2019 (3).png

F1® 2019 (2).png

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Did you finally solve this extremely frustrating problem? I also have it and I’m at a loss what to do I’ve reset my Xbox one x several times and deleted and reinstalled the game did not fix it. 

Thanks in advance.

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7 hours ago, Sm3rsh said:

Haben Sie dieses äußerst frustrierende Problem endlich gelöst? Ich habe es auch und bin ratlos, was ich tun soll. Ich habe meine Xbox mehrmals x zurückgesetzt und das Spiel gelöscht und neu installiert. Das Problem wurde nicht behoben. 

Danke im Voraus.


I think it's a bug. I haven't been able to fix it yet. I don't think any update will come out to fix this problem because the new game will be released in 2 weeks.

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