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On 6/5/2020 at 2:47 PM, Sith Metal said:

thats what PC3 is another iteration or improvrd version of Grid.

A perfectly good simulator dumbed down by Codemasters, what a failure and a joke.

Well, considering it's supposed to be (C)ommunity (A)ssisted (R)acing (S)imulator i'm not even sure how they can call it Project CARS any more because, as has already been officially quoted, it's not 100% simulation and from here on in you can completely forget about any future development being community assisted.

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Actual gameplay footage is out for PC3 and....erm...well, if that isn't Grid then I need new eyes. 16 car grids, ingame chit-chat from the pit people and those silly little "perfect this" and "perfect that" challenges during a race - yup, seen it all before.. The only worry is that given the fact PC2 was clearly rushed to release before FMS7, is the summer release just another PC2-esque rush job to grab some of the market before FMS8.

On a positive note it should be a pretty decent Grid reboot but the obvious downside is that those who looking for another simulation on a par with PC2 will have to look elsewhere this time around. But the one thing that genuinely bothers me is that given the huge amount of bad blood surrounding Project CARS 2 on consoles (I have friends who still refuse to play it even though it's free because of of the way XB1 owners were blatantly deceived regarding the pre-launch quality of both PC1 and PC2) why on earth did it get called Project CARS 3? Judging by the released footage Shift 3 seems the safest and more appropriate name for a game that has clearly returned to it's sim-cade roots...

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They also forgot (or didnt add in purpose i dont know) career races lenght . I hate it when you play the career with gt cars and theres only 2 or 3 laps only . This is beyond arcade . This is some mobile game stuff . How to hell you supposed to pass 8-9 cars in just 3-4 laps ? I dont know what they were thinking lol . 

They also removed qualifying . Project cars 1 and 2 was perfect about career . The progression , feeling of motorsport , length of championships . Even they wanted you to play the game with a steering wheel but career was so good i tried my best to play with controller and i was pretty good at it lol . I was so happy when they announced the game as controller friendly . Because even if its arcadey i knew they wouldnt mess the career . But ... they removed qualify , feeling of motorsport career , tyre wear , fuel usage and pitstops . Well i mean why lol . 


The game is basically win that win this and continue through progress racing style now . I have the GRID 2019 and i dont know why a person should buy project cars 3 if you already had GRID 2019 . Its basically same and even grid has a better and serious atmosphere in my opinion . 

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