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Telemetry should start before countdown

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Hi Codemasters,
at the moment the telemetrydata output from game is starting after the finished countdown. Before it is finished, it is just off.

This is really annoying when you drive in a motion seat.
The motorvibrations and the car position should already be there when the "pull handbrake" message appears. Or maybe when pulling the handbrake.
Sounds not very important but it is. When you start on a downhill the seat is straigh but the car is not. You play with the gas-nothing happens-because, yea, it is countdowntime!
After the countdown it kicks immediately the seat to it´s position and that irritates me everytime.
It is just a small thing, but would increase the immersion on racestart a lot when you would change it. The racestart is no fun at the moment!

Please think about it.


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