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Do you want mod support? Tell the Codemasters Devs in this survey.


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Recently, a Codemasters Dev told me that if I want mod support, I must convince them that the greater community wants it and that it is worth their time to implement. So for lack of better ideas I put together this survey to help get the point across. The more submissions the better.

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Anths95 said:
Done. The only concern I have is that licensed material (for liveries and such) would become a problem, and I'm not giving up my Steven Universe car for anyone...
Hi Anths, why do you think that will be a problem?
As a trademark how make a contract with other enterprise, if this licensed enterprise how use all images of the first one... That have no be a problem let the modders copy and create material with new liveries or new cars that Codies doesn't do in the future...
In many cases is a great platform for advertising those trademarks without any cost for the enterprise... With no benefits as well... Directly... Indirectly can be...

For this I think that this Modding Way don't hurt licensed work, it
will be complement the final game and give it more lifetime... IMO
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Well, it's (GTA V in particular) been included under "games that suffered from mod support" numerous times.
Is it about the infected ASI file from the Crazy Planes mod? The cheaters online (like most games have)?
I had some pretty good fun with the CLEO mods on San Andreas.
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