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Interesting developments in AI in Moto GP game maybe an idea for F1 game

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Read an interesting article over how the Moto GP game made new advances in AI tech, sound very interesting maybe something codes can look into for F1 titles, a new learning AI. Extract from article...

Neural AI

" The game had come under criticism for its 'stale and samey' AI but that all changed last year.

No two drivers are exactly the same, so their reactions to a situation won’t be the same as the other. Milestone developed a system which learns from itself by continuously simulating scenarios and their different outcomes.

In layman’s terms, it means that when you’re trying to overtake an opposing driver, that AI may choose to defend aggressively or conservatively depending on their attributes. This also applies when the AI is racing against itself.

We changed the physics: fuel consumption, damage and tyres with three distinct sectors, and very different braking, that’s much harder to control. So, the neural AI had to “learn” how to manage all these things and be competitive "

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Neural AI has been in the 2019 and 2020 moto GP game.

When I heard the news about the neural AI, I was quite amazed BUT... 

In the 2020 moto GP game., the AI isn't good. From what I've seen in videos, AI are crashing far too many times, slow in straight line speed.. 

Personally, neural AI has been rushed making complications to the game, however, there are a few good stuff about their AI: breaking, defending, AI starts.. 




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