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Any word on co-op in 2020?

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Thinking about getting the Schumacher edition, but the lack of good co-op season in 19 is why I skipped it and stuck with 18. 18s set up was good, I could alter finishing positions if needed, we could restart races (my friend has a kid so sometimes this was necessary), I know a lot of people also complained at the lack of coop in 19 (no idea if they fixed it somehow later down the road, the 'league' way didn't look good, and I stopped following the game)

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On 6/7/2020 at 5:06 AM, KiLLu12258 said:

i want coop in myteam but it seems like we dont get it sadly.

Yeah I pretty much knew it wouldn't be, a shame, because that would be awesome, to build a team up from the ground with a friend.

I suppose I can just buy it, and if there is no viable way to race a season with my friend, Alt- F4, uninstall, refund, back to 2018 lol.

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