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An oldage noob :-)


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Howdee ye all

On the PS4, Dirt Rally 2 was a “free game” if one has subscribed to PlaystationPlus subscription service.

As a 57 old guy, I become an instant fan. It is so much different from the games I played in my younger years 😉

I spend much of my time researching driver techniques and car setup on youtube and forums to improve.

Greetings from a sunny Cape Town, South Africa

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Welcome oupaton. I too am a noob to racing games that isn't in the first flush of his youth. (I'm 61). I tried the F1 game around 4 years ago and probably didn't give it enough playtime before deciding that I didn't have the aptitude for racing games but I have to say that since getting the F1 2019 game I'm  hooked. And I too am researching driving and set up techniques so as to ( hopefully) improve. 


Greetings from an overcast Yorkshire, UK.

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