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[PC] Intercontinental Racing League F1 2020 (Assists) Friday 7PM BST (8PM CEST)

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As Head Lead for the Intercontinental Racing League Community, I openly invite YOU to join and take part in some Professional Formula 1 2020 Leagues!

So Who Are We?
Intercontinental Racing League is a newly formed F1 2020 focused League Racing Community with a highly skilled Stewarding Team and Staff Team. Founded earlier this year, we are expecting the best of the best when it comes to Online League Racing in F1 2020.

What We Look For
We look for Skilled and Clean Racing when it comes to our League, with Drivers able to be in their prime in a competitive racing environment. We only ask of you for the following:
• Clean Racing between drivers if they are to battle for position.
• Backmarkers to keep out of the way of lapping cars behind.
• Not hit others during the Formation Lap, this is recorded by the Stewards and penalties are to still be given even though it's not the race.
• We expect fair, clean and safe driving for each and every single one of our Drivers on track.

What We Offer
Intercontinental Racing League offer an array of Leagues on PC! These include:
Tier 1: The first installment of our league. The first 20 people to sign up will be put in this tier.
Tier 1 Reserve: Will drive for someone if they have been removed from the league, are unavailable to attend or do not turn up.
Tier 2: Tier 1 Reserves will go here if enough of them are present plus new members will be put in here.

When We Race

We race every Friday at 7PM BST (8PM CEST). We have a custom calendar that holds races across all tracks in all continents!

How To Join The Leagues
By joining the Intercontinental  Racing League Discord Server, you accept that you are able to race in the League and accept to participate in the Tier you are assigned to. Go to 'league-sign-ups' channel to join!

We hope you're able to choose US to race with and help the League grow.

-Josh Merrin, Head Lead



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