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The difference between an arcade & simulator

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This is from my experience, 


  • may not always have assist as option
  • traction control makes your car massively slower during acceleration, if available
  • Going sideway may not automatically makes your cornering slower
  • Do not always feature setup
  • You can trailbrake into drift
  • more slip angle
  • car rotate from the center of the weight distribution
  • You have to accelerate before or at the apex for pro laptime in most of the cases
  • You drive by feel
  • Broken technique & setup is required to pro laptime
  • Cars have unrealistic specification
  • First timer can do a lap & don't suffer too much
  • Feature Lift off oversteer
  • Online collision is disastrous & bounce hard
  • Enjoyable to watch



  • You have to wait until all 4 tires need to past the apex in order to use the throttle to make pro laptime
  • Assist makes you faster or equal
  • Having assist as an option is mandatory
  • You can't trailbrake into drift
  • Drifting must be massively slower 
  • No such thing as slip angle
  • Car rotate from the front
  • You don't drive by feel
  • Broken technique & setup is required for pro laptime
  • Cars have realistic specification
  • First timer only get understeer
  • Feature lift off understeer
  • online collision hardly makes you car move, unless the person is desyncing hard
  • Boring to watch
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This is somewhat wrong... 

Asstists are not mandatory in sim or arcade it is up to the devs. 

Traction control is the same in both. It just limits your total % of throttle application to minimise wheel spin. 

Drifting is only faster if the game developer wants it to be. In sims its slower because its slower in real motorsport. 

Setup again is completely up to the developer not that it is an arcade/sim game. And the amount of detail in the setup can vary. 

You can trail break in to a drift in a sim. 

Slip angle is in sims aswell, especially older cars. 

The car rotates from the (middle point) of the car in some arcade games, not all. In sims the cars rotate over the rear axle. 

In both sim and arcade you should be accelerating as soon as you are not breaking even if you are still on the or before the apex. If you aren't breaking, or accelerating you are loosing time. Racing lines are also the same. 

In an arcade game you will mostly be using a controller you don't drive by feel, you drive by sight. In sims you do drive by feel. 

Not sure what you mean by "broken technique" but setups are normally advised to get better lap times yes, although in an arcade game you might not have the option. 

Cars can and do have realistic specs in arcade games. And you can find 5000BHPkarts in sim games. 

A first timer in any game will struggle compared to some that knows it well, even with all the assists on. 

Lift off oversteer and understeer are in both. Depending on the type of car you are driving and the way the diff is set up you will experience both in a sim. 

A collision is disasterous in a sim aswell, it can be the end of your race, as the damage is also simulated. 

If you find sim racing boring to watch then real racing must be boring to you aswell. Arcade racing isn't great to watch as there is typically less cars and less actual racing happening. 

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Full arcade has speed boosts(either nitro or because you ran over a glowy thing on the track), drifting is often the fastest way around a corner, hitting a wall is a minor inconvenience (sometimes wall riding can even be advantageous) and instead of being punished you get bonuses for putting other cars out of the track.

Simulation is well... simulation trying to get as close as possible to the real thing. 


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4 hours ago, LChaves01 said:

hitting a wall is a minor inconvenience


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tbh saying Codies F1 games are simulators is beyond hilarious, they are arcade and dumbed down for the masses.

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5 hours ago, Rindt70 said:

tbh saying Codies F1 games are simulators is beyond hilarious, they are arcade and dumbed down for the masses.

Simulator mean a tool for real life usage. So depending how you use the game(exemple: esport conquest), it can be arcade.

If you talk about physic, well as long as it kind of represent how it kind of feel like; track layout, braking point, cornering speed & lap time being kind of close to the real thing... well yeah it's a simulator in a way.


On 6/24/2020 at 1:48 PM, MrDeap said:

Simracing are in fact just game. You basically just study the track layout & braking point.

Trail braking is basically arcade in those & not quite a good representation in how you should. Also the type of racing line you should take is not the fastest way you do in the sim than what you would do in real life. What's great in a simulator is it reduce greatly reduce the learning curve, but it also suck, because you don't actually play with the car. Going for top time in that genre is kind of stupid in a nutshell, especially with certain types of cars.

You can play being the engineer, but it's not documented by the community. It's definitely fun, but there's always that barrier of people taking it too far that you shouldn't learn it.

Adding specific target & reward is the way to go in my honest opinion. I approve SMS direction.


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