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Here a little article from racefans.net

George Russell says he is surprised by the improvements Codemasters have made to how cars handle in F1 2020, the upcoming new edition of the official Formula 1 game.

Russell revealed on social media he was “shocked” by the improvements he felt in a version of F1 2020 he played recently. The will go on sale on July 10th.

“I’ve recently played the new F1 game and it was super-good,” said Russell in a conversation with Sergio Perez. “I was really surprised.”

Perez, who entered the F1 2019-based Virtual Grand Prix series for the first time last weekend, described the difficulties he had getting the car to turn the way he wanted it to in the previous game.

“It’s all in the downshifts,” said Russell. “You’ve got to use the downshifts at the right time. It’s so difficult in this game. But the new one is really good, none of this stupidness is there.”

The game developer Codemasters say they have made several changes to F1 2020 based from feedback from drivers such as Lando Norris. The McLaren driver previously said he would recommend serious racers play iRacing or rFactor instead of the official F1 game.

Last month a Formula 1 spokesperson indicated the sport could offer an official simulator game in the future.


If this is true, then it seems like u did a great job guys. I'm very excited for the 7th of July 🙂

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For obvious reasons  he's uniquely qualified to make these comments, he might be the best of the real life drivers in F1 2019 and he still thinks it's bad, his comments about 2020 do give me a lot of optimism. 

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Interesting, and perhaps after giving 19 a miss, 20 will be worth a look.

The road to redemption is paved with good intentions, the saying goes.

Personally I am going to see where the game us at around October before I even consider purchasing...

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Further elaborating on this topic, i hope the changes made to the downshifts that Russell mentioned killed the "downshift ro rotate" exploit of 2019.

2019 took away weight distribution from the setups (which on itself was fair, weight distribution is heavily regulated in F1 and it never should've had that huge of an impact on the balance of the car) and made the now locked balance fundamentally understeery with no easy way of fixing it, nobody who knew what they were doing ran their cars that understeery in 2018, that wasn't good.

Hopefully the new 2020 cars will be more naturally agile and "darty".

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