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PS4 Intermediate League - Need 4 Members to Complete Grid

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Hey all! We are a league with 16 consistent, clean drivers, having fun yet competitive races. We have lost some members in the journey, so we currently have 4 seats available. Our goal is to create a community of cool guys that can race together for many seasons to come, and we are already planning F1 2020 when released!

The practicalities:

  • We have a calendar on 10 races. We already raced 4 times, so 6 to go. The next one is Spa this Sunday at 19:30 CET (we race always at that day and time).

  • Assists: Braking: Low - Traction: Medium - Racing Line: Corners Only - Gearbox: Manual - ERS: Manual

  • Length: full qualifying + 25% races (but we will test 50% at Spa)

If this sounds like something for you, please send me a PM and I'll share our discord.



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