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F1 2020 - possibility of cross gen?

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So today we had a discussion in our Whatsapp group for our F1 2020 online league. Among other things, it was about the downward compatibility of the hardware from Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec as it looks with the PS5.

So we basically had a very, very interesting question about Crossgen.
Many of us will buy the PS5 for release. Now the question arose, is there Crossgen between PS4 and PS5? will the PS5 players with F1 2020 (sony said all games released from july must be adapted for the PS5) be able to play with their PS4 colleagues in the same lobby?

would be cool if someone could give an info whether something is already known in this area or will be announced. F1 2020 release is in a month.


@BarryBL @UP100 @jennyannem

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