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AI Crashing car in Qualify


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Platform: Ps4 

Version: last version of F1 2019. All version have same issue.

Using pad controller/ wheel


My IA taking control of my car


Where its happen?:

Silverstone, but this problème can happen on any track. In multi player, leagues racing


When its happen?:

When qualifying session ending and IA taking control of your car after chequered flag. Since F1 2017 this problem happen and still not solved.

Track condition:

Dry/wet same problem

More exaclty?:

It can happen on Q1 Q2.

Give more detail, explain:

In this video i cross the line P8 at the end of the Q1. Nobbody was on a hot lap. Car left on the track was controlled by IA.

A few second later, i drop from P8 to P15. As you can see on the video my left front tyre has been destroyed for no reason. (I didnt have control).

Ai who are on the track ignore other car on the track and keep Crashing into each other.

With terminal dammage i cannot reach the Q2 and get eliminated.

When the Q2 started i am in spectator view. Thats mean its over for me.

You have all details in this video

This issue exist since F1 2017!! And maybe will exist in F1 2020


Solution:  Ghost all car on track and disable collision when qualifying times is over. And also when you cant control you car, if IA taking it.


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This is by design. The session has ended, you won't be able to set another lap time so what's the issue?

There is a countdown timer in case you crossed the finish line before session time ended to make it possible to make another lap, but if you crossed the finish line AFTER the the session ended, which it seems like you did, this is what happens so definately no bug.

Also. The fact that you were 8th when YOU crossed the finish line doesn't mean it's a sure thing. There's probably cars behind you that's on a hotlap that could make a faster lap that also crossed the finish line before the session ended.

Don't mistake the countdown clock for an extended session time.


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I think you didnt understand what happen. Even if im P1 if the IA destroy my car in Q1 i will not be able to set a time in Q2. Look the time set compair to the other. Something is not strange for you?



There is the same issue on F1 2018 crossed the line P2, no control of the car IA took the control. And crashed himself into an other car.

Nic toro rosso car crossed line P2 he was the last player on track to set a time. IA crashed on the racing point left on the track and drop him to P15.

In each video check the time set and tell me if they are on the good position compair to the other. In both situation terminale dammage cannot make the player go to the next step of qualify

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19 minutes ago, Lakrits said:

You're not showing the entire final lap. I still believe you don't understand how the game works. The session had ended, that's why AI took control of your car after you crossed the finish line.

And the problem when  IA taking control its he crashing my car for no reason!

Make a session with people with simulation dammage, when the session ended and IA took control you will see what happen to you car.

Only people who experienced this situation can understand what i said. If you didnt experience that you cannot understand

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I've seen my car crash into other cars, as well as other cars crashing after mine, after the session has ended and AI has taken control plenty of times.

Have your car been damaged in the next session because of this?


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Yes terminal/critical dammage in both video you can see im not able to continue the session in Q2. Left front tyre destroy cause of ia in F1 2019. And toro rosso aswell in F1 2018....this issue when quali is over and ia take control exist since F1 2017 in complet quali

I make my best to make me understand im a french guys.

Im a ligue owner of undred people and when they complaining about this issue its hard to deal with it

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At 38:12 on the camera, car on the track are controlled by IA. And you can see clearly they crash into each other

The redbull of MrGonsaless in the Q3 cannot go out from the box. Cause rear suspension destroyed by Bital IA in renault car.

Bonus: 41:34 safety car making hotlap in quali

43:10 speeding in pit lane


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I already have this bug. When the AI do the back lap to the pits (because the Q1/Q2 is ended and timer is at 0) the AI sometimes crash my car too and broke a wheel. The results is the same than ZixClon describe. My position is change (I become 15 in q1, 10 in Q2) and i cant do the next session BECAUSE AI crash my car.

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This bug must be exclusive to Full Qualifying or Simulation damage as I've never seen it in Short Qualifying with Full damage. Sure, the cars have a propensity to run into each other after the AI takes control but this is part of the lack of awareness of the AI it just drives the racing line.

Try setting your sessions to Full damage the next time you run?

Unlikely it will ever be patched in F1 2019 but there is a chance we can get this right for F1 2020.


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It dont have any impact on short quali because you have only 1 stage. If you car is destroyed at the end of the session, it wont change your result. Youll start on the right place on grid compair to a full qualy.

It occure at any level of dammage, low complet simulation.

Since F1 2017 this lack of ia awarness exist

I lost my hope it will be patched in 2020. 4 years in a row the same thing

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