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Something I'd like to see in future F1 games

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Hey all, as we have weekly events each week using Multiplayer car against eachother, I'd like the option to use my Multiplayer car in the offline Grand Prix. We are able to use F1 F2 and Classic cars but we are not able to use and most importantly practice with our Multiplayer cars offline. I find when I do a Grand Prix offline using a Classic car, and then when I do a Classic Weekly Event, the lap times are very similar. It seems the conditions in the offline Grand Prix are near identical to the Weekly Event GP'S. I understand if I want to practice with my Multiplayer car I can go to unranked and create a race or simply practice. This however can take time if people don't join or if other people create a race you don't want to join into. Entering Grand Prix mode and selecting Multiplayer car, and 25% race in Canada right now would greatly help in preparing for the coming weekend. Hopefully this will be implemented at some point. 

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