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Shaking cam again (((


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Recently watched new video about drift. I've noticed that chase cam was shaking again. Please, is it so hard to make cam features optional? I prefer smooth cam flowing instead of hard shaking to simulate reality. It's uncomfortable! I have to download side mods to play with smooth cam!
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I dont even notice the camera shaking in GRID2 anymore.  Hated it at first. 

Why do you like Touge mode? 

Its gotta be one of my most hated modes,  second only to destruction derby,  lol
How about destruction derby with flashbacks, now that's a combination.  :))
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Never had any trouble with Dirt 3 (or much other than the odd crash).

Loved Monte Carlo Rally events which were the best in the game imo (even better at night).


Loved the Gymkhana handling as well putting our runs like this one.

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