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I WERX - WERC Rallycross Championship (PS4/PC/XBOX)

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Welcome to the WERC DiRT Rally 2.0 Rallycross Championship. It will be a separate championship for each platform (PS4, PC and XB1*). 

Link to Official Video Announcement

Coorinators: Quentin D'All Olmo , Johan Lundqvist, Ludvig Rossebø and AmbientMike.
Video editor & Designer: Pedro Silva, Louie Cotton.


:pencil: For more information and sign up follow all steps or you will not be accepted, please: https://wrcesports.com/championships/dirt-rally-2-0/i-werx-werc-rallycross-championship/ 

:busts_in_silhouette: http://discord.gg/ZUaTF9E


1. About the WERX Championship

If a platform receives more than 20 valid entry applications within the time limit, entires will be selected following the priority list:

Priority 1: Drivers with WERC Pro license.
Priority 2: Drivers having achieved significant results in DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series and other important RX tournaments (at the discretion of the WERC stewards).
Priority 3: all other entries will be selected according to the order in which they signed up.

Article 1.0 - Minimum of 10-12 and maximum 20 drivers per division.

The number of divisions/drivers might change according to the number of coordinators per platform.


1.1 Championship Format:

The WERX Championship consists in:
9 rounds with 3 phases each one: Heats, Semifinals & Final.
2 categories/division: 2019 Supercars [WERX 1 & WERX 2].
Every round will be on Saturdays/Sundays at TBD.
Standings will be available in WERC website 48-72h after the end of every round.
It is a separate championship per platform (PS4, PC and XB1*).
*depends on the number of drivers

1.2 Rallycross Format:

4 Qualifying heats per round, each in separate lobbies. The first Qualifier will contain a randomized grid. The remaining Qualifiers' grids will be based on the results of the preceding Qualifier.
2 Semi-Finals. The best 12 drivers from qualifying heats move to Semi-Finals. Drivers in even positions in qualifying will compete in Semi-Final 1 and odd positions in Semi-Final 2. Best 3 drivers of each move to the Final. Custom grid based on qualifying results (real format).
Track conditions with varying weather conditions. Weather conditions extracted from weather forecast a few days before every event.
Final. Custom grid based on Semi-Finals results (real format).


1.3 Pre-season race:

Prior the start of the season a race will be run to check that everything works and drivers know the rules.


1.4 Championship Calendar:2020_WERX_calendar.thumb.png.dde439e5c96f16e18272fc0944a75259.png

*DLC necessary for this locations

**WERX 2020 season will have 3 series’ champions: European, Northern European and International. There is only ONE World Champion at the end of the season. Winners of the series might be invited to WERC Race Of Champions (WEROC).

Time will be defined after sign up period.

1.5 Car Choice and Divisions:

2019 RX Supercars.

Edited by WERC - Esports League

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