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[PC] HLF1 | Sprint Series League (7pm BST) - Friday’s

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Hello Drivers!

HLF1 are currently recruiting for drivers in a sprint series league! We are a league for everyone who enjoys fair and competitive racing! If you would like to get a foot in racing at a competitive level, we are a great place to start. We also offer rocket league to compete in, if you like that kind of thing aswell.


Race Distance:     2 X 25% (2nd being reverse grid)

Qualifying:         Short Qualifying

Weather:            Dynamic

Car Damage:         Full

Corner Cutting:     Strict

Ghosting:           ON

Formation Lap:      OFF

We will be using real F1 Cars to avoid issues in the pits.

We will race on Fridays each week, with drivers able to have a vote from a set of 5 tracks for the reverse grid race that is done. We will race 10 races in total. (5 weeks)

The league will be to a short standard as we will be making a new league on F1 2020 about 2-3 weeks post release.

Feel free to join our discord for more info: [https://discord.gg/bs8GYpG](https://discord.gg/bs8GYpG)

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