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Platinum Race League [PC] Looking for sunday drivers! F1 2019 / F1 2020 Race league.

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Hi there, my name is Daan. 

I'm currently the admin of a fast growing Race League Community. We now have 1 league with over 30 active drivers. If you have intrest to join our league you can.

Avaible spots within the league:

- Commentator

- Active Driver

Our discord: https://discord.gg/NbypQgy


Race rules: 

  • Qualifying - Short (18 Min)
  • Race Distance - 50%
  • Car Performance - Equal
  • Safety Car - Yes
  • Collisions - On
  • Vehicle Damage - Reduced (helps the non-experienced racers)
  • Weather - Dynamic
  • Parc Fermé Rules - Yes
  • Corner Cutting - Strict
  • Car Setup - Full
  • Ghosting - Yes
  • Rules & Flags - Yes
  • Race Starts - Manual
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