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Dirt Rally League tables - open to all

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Take a look at the link. As clubs does not allow tiers. Then an attempt has been made to make our own. This is a Dirt Rally 2.0 league. Enter the qualifying group now, and as of next month a league will be created with 4 tiers, including promotion and relegation at the end of each month.

Qualifying is open to all in the club below, if you like the idea, then encourage more to join, the more there merrier.


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This has moved on in the last few weeks. Check out the link above, there have been a good number of people competing, and the first league season just started. If you like the idea, then feel free to join the qualifying group this month. 


Hopefully Codemasters will add a tier system within their clubs in future, but until then this is a good way to compete with similar ability competition.

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