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Weekly event - race event with 0 stops (dry race)

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Okay, last week, I saw a DSQ in the weekly event race, because after manually changing the strategy to start on red, then change to yellow, I didn't notice that my manually changed strategy wasn't used as active strategy. When I got reminded to change the tires or otherwise get a DSQ, I chose to ignore it, because in my mind, I had started on red and clearly saw, that I was now running on yellow. I thought that the radio call was a bug, but at the beginning of the last round, I got disqualified and only notice in my stream recording afterwards, that the second strategy was selected as active - DUH! I need to pay better attention...

Today, however, I placed 4th behind a guy that did all 18 rounds of Canada on red. The result screen clearly stated that he had 0 stops. It was a dry race. What's up with that?!? First of all, doing 18 laps in the weekly event on red, that's already quite something when my red tyres were already at 50 % after 7 or 8 laps. And secondly: How the hell did that guy not see a DSQ at the beginning of the final lap?!?

Anyone else experienced someone finish with 0 stops before? And I'm not talking about 5-lap-races, of course. I'm talking about races in which two sets of dry tyres are the rule.

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I noticed during my race earlier that there was a person who made 0 stops during the race and wasn't DSQ. It was an AI however. Jonas Schiffer. I think they go rogue and do whatever they want. You won't get away with that as a human. Even if you could, your lap times would suffer hard.

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