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Weekly event bug


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Just playing the Canadian weekly event and was in first place after 3 laps and over 4 seconds ahead of person in second place when the game kicks me out of the event telling me I don’t have online permission. I got Xbox ultimate active and play online games on Xbox 1 all the time so seems game can’t even work out who has permission or not. Why waste my time letting me qualify we’ll for race then boot me out and why isn’t the weekly event better programmed to stop this sort of thing happening.


also why is it in ranked online people are allowed just to crash others off the track all the time and don’t  get punished at all, I refuse to do oNline racing other than the weekly event when the game allows me to complete weekly event that is, simply because the online racing is a complete joke because everyone cheats to get and stay ahead. This has been happening for this and 2018 version that I know off and codemasters seem to completely ignore it as long as they have our money!

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