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Tier 2 Drivers wanted | TT MOTORSPORT

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TT Motorsport is after a few more drivers for the second tier! TIER 1 is already underway but we’re after a few more drivers to fill a second grid. Driving clean and respectfully earns you a ‘TT Safety Rating’. This is reviewed twice a season and will filter out the drivers who don’t drive clean enough. 

Experienced stewards controlling the league ensure there’s fair decisions! Proper spreadsheets updated weekly so you can keep track of your progress on your journey at TT Motorsport. We look forward to hear from you!!

Xbox EU

Race Format:

Dates to race are unconfirmed until drivers agree on something.

Short Quali
Formation Lap
50% Race

Dynamic Conditons
Full Damage
Corner Cutting Regular
All assits enabled (including pit assist)
Ghosting enabled
Equal cars


Signup: https://discord.gg/Yg8q9aS



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