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F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News


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It's great to hear that F1 2020 is getting tested by more people than ever. In addition, I'm really grateful that the beta testers that have been involved so far created an "incredibly high" standard.

With the feedback provided by real F1 drivers, an active and now growing beta community and a very transparent and hard working Codemasters, I'm really looking forward to playing the new game. I wish everyone that gets selected for week #3 a nice testing experience and hope that they continue with the current standard and provide as much feedback as possible!

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20 hours ago, BarryBL said:

Hi everyone,

You all thought we were done for today, didn't you?

On the back of 2 weeks of very successful and useful BETA testing, we have had extensive feedback from our current player base and we are looking at putting those into action.

For BETA Week 3, with date TBC, I'm delighted to announce we will be DOUBLING the amount of BETA testers for the program!! 

This is due to the overwhelming feedback and our desire to test and improve the Multiplayer experience for F1® 2020. To do this, we need more drivers in lobbies, battling it out online and making sure our experience performs to standard. 

I have already compiled a shortlist, so please, no applications and messages to request. Any messages of this nature will just be deleted. This list was compiled over the following conditions:

  1. Previous applications completed correctly in full upon original BETA sign-up.
  2. Users record with Codemasters, having no previous incidents where adding a person is deemed potentially unhelpful to the BETA testing experience.
  3. Defined conditions on what game-modes they wanted to test. Adding Multiplayer as a priority was essential here.
  4. If unsuccessful, don't worry. We had a record amount of applications and, even with the numbers doubled, couldn't even get close to all applicants on.

If you are successful and receive a code and access in the next week, congratulations. However, the current BETA standard is incredibly high. Also, remember you have been added to race in the Multiplayer arena of the game. Please get used to the new-look forum, and follow the lead of the new testers. All information will be in the forums waiting for you 🙂 . Codes are TBC as to when they will be sent out to users, we just wanted to give you as much information as early as we can!

This makes Week 3 by far the BIGGEST BETA test we've ever conducted. We want to make the Multiplayer experience the best it can be, and we hope you appreciate our new effort in getting much more information and racers than ever before!

Fingers crossd and let's hope i get an invite!! 

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