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F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

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we had the same issues with the beta codes last year. maybe you guys at CM should think about the system you are using. 😄

No offense tho. Barry you are doing a great job. im really happy that you are here.

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23 hours ago, BarryBL said:

De acuerdo, tal vez NO 899 😛

Si las personas pueden acceder al foro BETA y no han recibido un código, hágamelo saber. Puede haber tenido problemas aquí, pero lo he probado y parecía funcionar bien. 

Recuerde, hice la lista de las 900 personas, así que tengo una referencia para verificar. 😛 


Yo puedo acceder y no he recibido el Código. (PS4) 

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5 minutes ago, Zaba14 said:

How can i get the MEDIA beta? I have 1,3k Subscribers on my channel and i wanna to record something from beta f1 2020 but i didnt got that :c

Recording is in strict breaking of our NDA agreement regardless. If you have no access to the BETA forum, you were unsuccessful

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