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The Great Gaming Rig Thread


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2 hours ago, SkyRex said:

Finally got a Fanatec Handbrake, now I'm complete for DR2

Very nice. I got one a few months back and it's just crazy how much it improves the controllability of the car and my consistency. Not to mention it's fun fun FUN!

I have an Obutto oZone with a Logitech G27 for the wheel/pedals, a Fanatec CSS-SQ for the shifter and of course the Fanatec handbrake. The Obutto was cheap, but it held up over the past ~6 years extremely well.

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The rig I put together for the 2.0 launch. @urgaffel here you go 😉 Still need to clean it all up a bit and get some QoL additions, but I think it's coming together nicely.

  •  Sim-Lab GT1 Evo
  • Corbeau FX1 seat
  • Heusinkveld Handbrake
  • Logitech G27
  • Acer Predator X34 Ultrawide monitor
  • Dell AW34 Ultrawide monitor (that I bought for the rig, but it wouldn't fit the mount without a custom VESA bracket)



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So I got budget approval for a G29 🙏 current setup working like a charm! G29 on a Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe v2. 

Will be building a few analogue usb handbrakes out of my old G25 pedals and will mount one between wheel and shifter


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This is my setup. Started building this about a year ago and this is the final result. Although I'm sure it will change again.

PC Specs:

I7 9700k

Asus maximus Code XI motherboard

32 GB of G.Skill Ram

Asus ROG Strix 1080ti OC

Full custom water cooling loop with 2 360mm radiators

Lian Li O11 Dynamic Case.

Rig Setup:

AIO Sequential Shifter
Frex H-shifter
Heusinkveld Handbrake
Trak Racer Triple stand
3 Vizio 32" 120hz 1080P monitors
Trak Racer Rs6 rig with mouse and keyboard tray and butt kicker mount with NRG Seat
Fanatec Csw 2.5
Carbon Fiber GT rim, Carbon Fiber Round Rim and Fanatec Carbon F1 Rim
2 Universal Fanatec hubs
Fanatec V3 inverted pedals with bushing kit
Rpm gauge
Led Display box and Fire 7 Tablet
Gear indicator
Oculus Rift
Butt Kicker
CSW DSD Button Boxes

Custom built wind simulator



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