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Tarmac issues and general grip levels


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Jepsertti said:
When Alwert mentioned Google Translator that made me think if Arguriou is using some special Google Translate that translates the word "real" to ARCADE and "player" to POPCORN PLAYER.
 @Arguriou? This stuff is arcade. ARCADE! And it's for POPCORN PLAYERS.

                        This stuff is real. REAL! And it's for PLAYERS. ??

I see your point but I'm not convinced.  :)
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My personal unprofessional opinion is that the game feels a little too strong on stiction when all assists are off (which is how I would prefer to play). When I set the Stability Control Assist level to 1 it seems to affect the ability to break the car loose more than body roll, so I use Stab. 1 even though it is blasphemy. I hope and assume it will be adjusted a bit as the game is developed.  

EDIT on August 8th: The rally-cross cars feel great and it has been stated that the Rally cars will be worked through to bring the RX improvements to the 'old' cars. I'm all good! B)
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