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Let me babble about my excitement for F1 2020 after 15 years without playing a racing game

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I'm Brazilian and I grew up watching Senna racing as a child. Although I was only 5 years old when he crashed, just a nose-picker rascal that would **** his paints at least thrice in the following 10 years, I distinctly remember standing in front of the television watching the accident and all the following commotion.

Senna was my hero. He had his own brand, Senninha, much like Jordan but catered to kids. It was popular like you would not believe. Comics, clothes, sandals, and the most goddamn sleek sneakers a boy like me could desire - with those blinking red lights at the heel and velcro straps. I had it all! He was my childhood hero.

I still watched F1 in the Schumacher era, but I slowly drifted away (no pun intended) as soon as Barrichello faded out of Ferrari and Massa started to gather some acclaim. When Massa had his big accident I was already out, saw it on the news and did not care that much. Barrichello and Massa are the butt of all racing jokes here in Brazil. Specially Barrichello, who has a meme of his own referring to events long past as if he were slowly catching up on the news. You need to look at football players to find an idol with the reputation and popularity comparable to Senna's.

May 1st came, Senna death's anniversary, and for whatever reason I found myself revisiting the whole incident. News, footage, interviews, and a great report from 2015 or about from the greatest F1 Brazilian journalist from that time. He was there at Imola when Senna crashed and was one of the firsts to get to the hospital in Bologna. He even flew back with the coffin in the adapted first-class section of a Varig plane back to Brazil – nobody in the back rows knew Senna remains were in the flight.

From that I jumped right on Netflix's Drive to Survive. I gobbled it down in no time, multiple episodes a day. Sometime in the in-between I started to look for Codemasters' F1 franchise. You see, I follow former Gamespot Danny O'Dwyer and he is a massive racing fan, I knew there was this F1 simulator that was leaps and bounds above any other F1 game around, but the last racing game I played was Need for Speed Underground 2. Is it any good? Can I play it with a controller, or will I need to rip my pockets apart for a wheel?

You can pretty much picture what happened next. I'll just say that last week F1 2019 was on sale for 15 bucks on PS Store and now I have an Excel spreadsheet with my own setups for every track trying to get the most out of my McLaren. I started playing just last week at a doltish 19 AI difficulty with every assist possible and made my way through 66 with only automatic gears, ABS, and TC on medium. I know, nothing to write home about, but it is rewarding after the huge amount of hours I’ve poured into this game already.

So yeah, I can't wait for MyTeam! Ghost of Tsushima? Last of Us? Cyberpunk? They're day one buys for me but the hype was absolutely supplanted by that for F1 2020!

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