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[xbox][ps4] Telemetry change the finish result


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Yes i know, my title is weird, and codemaster guy will think "no way". But it's the 3rd time i saw the bug.

1.       The end result are change because one of the guy don't have their telemetry public. We force each racer to have telemetry set on public to have data on the race. There always one guy who let it in restricted. At the end of the race, this guy (restricted telemetry) have a weird position behavior

2.       the last one 1.22/23 i dont remember

3.       unranked lobby (invit only)

4.       i can't. its not happening each time.

5.       on 15 tests, i saw the bug 3 times. and by cross the data, it's always the guy with telemetry restricted who are affected by the glitch

6.       i did nothing

7.       it's not about wheel or pad.

8.       https://www.twitch.tv/videos/648934556?t=1h41m33s the guy who are 10 is the only one who dont have his telemetry set on public. the 1st pass the finish line 65 seconds ago when you start the video. When the 10st will pass the line, He will be first.

I think you will take the majority of the udp code 2019 and put in 2020 and make some edit. So In 2020, if you can check this bug please

There are a second bug you can fix too. if someone put public his telemetry, close the game and comeback on the gzame. the setting is still public, but in reality it is on restricted. this bug was told to you in september 2019 : https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/44592-f1-2019-udp-specification/?do=findComment&comment=462720



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