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Wheels Vs Controllers

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Hello everyone,

I was in 2 leagues and made a request to simply have the leader boards show what device each participant was using.  This is all I am looking for,  just a wheel or controller icon next to each racers name.  I got all kinds of push back for this in the league discords.  People trying to say it doesn't make a difference etc.  But that's not the point, if it doesn't make a difference then whats the problem of making this known?  And yes the code masters site will show you this a little bit but only on a per sector basis. There is no way to see it in the full standings of a championship.

At the very least the difference between controller and wheel is as big a difference as choice of car and that is ALWAYS listed.  This needs to be added, its even the one of the first question asked when you register for these forums.  Thoughts?





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The club-website needs several updates including this.
But I doubt it happens for this game.
Make suggestions for the next game in the subforum, more you really can't do, I guess.

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