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CFR Season 2 (PC) - F1 2020 - Sign-up now!

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Hello drivers,

After an exciting first season, we are back for more! Season two will start roughly a month after the F1 2020 game release



Season two will start in August around a month after the F1 2020 game release on the 10th of July. As it stands we will be hosting one tier.

*As it stands the races will be held on Saturdays 20:00 CEST. Changes can be made so make sure you join the discord server.


Allowed Assists: 

- Brake assist: Off

- ABS: On / Off

- Traction control: Medium / Off

- Gearbox: Automatic / Manual

- Pit assist: Off

- Racing line: Corners only


Race info:

- Short Qualifying (18 minutes)

- 50% Race distance

- Weather: Dynamic


Race control:

Incidents can always happen. We've got an independent steward team existing of non-active drivers. 




All races of season two will be streamed on our Twitch channel!





If you want to sign-up, or just take a look around, please join our Discord server. There all info concerning next season will be posted.


*If you have any question feel free to contact an admin!


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