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Game freezes (sound and video) and crashes computer


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ive been playing F1 2019 for like 2 months, and like 3 days ago problems started to appear.

I was on my career Austria track when exactly after lap 10 my game freezed (sound still playing, but also frozen; video like a screenshot). After 30-60 secs, my Windows shows up a bluescreen and I need to restart the game. It happened at the exact same moment in 4-5 tries (always lap 10). This morning i updated my nvidia driver and chose dx11, I was able to play that track. Did 2 more and now I get the same problem on the the track of Germany. WIndows freezing, sound stuttering, and crashing. I can still press Windows-Key to see my taskbar, even Alt + Tab works. I can see my other tabs but cant interact with them. After those 30-60 secs, this also freezes and my PC shows up bluescreen. It says "Critical Process Died". Dont have that problem in any other game.


My Computer:

Ryzen 5 1600X

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750-Ti

16GB DDR-3

3x SSD

Windows 10


Any advice? Already turned off Shader-Option in my NVIDIA Control Panel, no change.


Edit: Sounds about the same as this guy:


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