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Around the Globe


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Completing the game, and 3 seasons, hits 12% of this achievement. Searching "GRID Around the Globe" only brings up AFK methods using rubber bands and leaving GRID running over 60 hours, and rants. Honestly, that's a bad look.

Rants include telling people to not buy the game if you are a completionist. Many people are to some degree. We like to watch progress bars fill up, drink that beer to the last drop, and also partly why loot boxes work (Gotta complete the set!).

So in the last blog about GRID season 3, it states "We’re not done with GRID yet" Link, but many people believe the content is done. I'm not here to debate that. Running through all the current content a couple more times would only bring this up to 30%. Maybe 35% if you want to play with rammers in multiplayer.

Still, lots to do. Now that the AFK method starts to sound good. Because you've done everything the game asked you to do, but you still have 30,000 km to drive? Why? It doesn't make sense.

Other titles like NFS Heat also have Around the Globe, but you complete the discovery event. Other titles with a similarly named achievement have you visit every track. Asking players to drive 40,075 km is way too much.

Please change this to something better. At the moment, when asked about GRID, the consensus is: "Good game, but I hated the end experience when I got to Around the Globe."

At the very least, it could be:

Halfway Around the Globe - Drive a total distance equal to half the circumference of the Earth.



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I’m totally with you here, I thought it was enough of a grind to get to lvl 99 after completing the game. So I’ve paid an extra £15 to get a car which I can grind this trophy. Been doing this 5 days now and 18k miles left, this is disgraceful guys. Also with f1 2019 and those showmanship trophies, it’s enough to grind 50 lvl online, lots of great racing only to be stuck on these horrid parts of single player after completing so much online and offline.  I support CM and SMS as I love your work, but anymore trophies like these and I will not buy the game. 

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